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David A. Hoffmann, Esq.

Criminal Defense

     If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, it is important that you find an attorney that you can trust.  Find an attorney who has the experience to understand the situation, the patience to explain the situation, and the skills to handle the situation. 

     Mr. Hoffmann is a former Assistant District Attorney.  His experience can be your advantage when it comes to evaluating the State's case and entering into plea negotiations.  Understanding and anticipating the perspective of the prosecutor can prove invaluable in handling your case. In 2012, Mr. Hoffmann was qualified in Niagara County Court by the Honorable Matthew J. Murphy, III to testify as an expert witness regarding the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. 

     Throughout his career, Dave has worked with clients and witnesses as different as you can imagine.  From convicted drug dealers to police officers, doctors and nurses to waiters and waitresses.  He knows how to communicate with people and recognizes when to take extra care ensuring that each individual client understands every step of the process and the risks and benefits of every decision. 

     Mr. Hoffmann has crafted and responded to written motions, has conducted hearings and argued the law, has selected juries, and has won trials as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor.  He is not intimidated by the courtroom atmosphere, and he is not afraid to argue for his clients.